What We Do

Ponics srl offers 4 main product lines:

Chinampas 2.0:

This product, with all options included, comes with: greenhouse, air conditioning, control panel, and a local and remote user interface. This product is for people who care about the environment and a healthy lifestyle, who care about the origin of the food they eat, and who want to promote an example of a new environmentally friendly food culture.   

Ponics 4 Business – Catering systems

This line is for commercial activities that use crops from the aquaponics system to derive monetary profit and to improve the business image. In particular, “4 business” customizable aquaponics systems are suitable for restaurants and hotels that intend to self-produce vegetables, medicinal and aromatic herbs for consumption, ornamental solutions, or for marketing and communication strategies.

Ponics Green Furniture – Furnishing Accessories

Green furniture accessories are customized aquaponic systems, designed to furnish indoor and outdoor spaces, both public and private.


Ponics srl offers the opportunity to buy sprouts to replace plants that have completed their life cycle. Through the Ponics’s portal (ponics.it) using a PC, tablet or smartphone, the user can order sprouted sod that will be delivered anywhere in the world.